About Us

All preschool aged children are naturally creative and receptive to new experiences.The staff at Shining Star Preschool will nurture and encourage these qualities and will contribute all aspects of a child’s development: physical, cognitive, language social, and emotional.  The staff at Shining Star Preschool will strive to make each child’s school experience a positive one.  We will encourage positive feelings about self, the school, and the environment.

Our program at Shining Star Preschool is based on a belief in the uniqueness and intrinsic value of each child, student, and staff member. We therefore strive to develop a program that will enhance the development of each child to the fullest extent possible.  

Our program philosophy and objectives are based on the integration of a number of theories of child development and early education as well as on recent research findings.  In general, this work suggests that young children learn and develop through active involvement with the world.  Through this active process, the child constructs knowledge of the world around him or her that makes sense in terms that he/she can understand.  We also believe that young children learn best when they are challenged to advance to new knowledge that is intrinsically interesting to them.

Based on the above philosophy, we have developed a program that strives to help each child and family feel safe, secure, and comfortable by providing a warm, nurturing, and accepting atmosphere.  Our program provides a rich and diverse range of educational experiences in an open classroom environment that maximizes each child’s opportunities to choose the what, how, when, and why of their involvement.  Children learn about themselves and the world around them through games, stories, songs, creative art, play, interactions with peers and adults and from special visitors.  Each day offers the children new and interesting things to explore in a general environment of daily routines that provide the stability and security of familiarity.

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